Umee Joins Hands With Forta for Comprehensive Security & Monitoring

Umee always takes a proactive approach to prevent malicious acts. We are wary of the potential vulnerabilities, protocol threats, and risks that could lead to compromising the security within our network. Hence, we are pleased to announce our appointment of Forta, the world’s first decentralized solution delivering real-time intelligence on security, to safeguard an environment for the safety of our users’ assets. Forta is a Web3 security solution with proven records of successful adoption by some of the largest DeFi projects.

The integration of Forta network ensures Umee can swiftly respond to technical issues in a timely manner.

In this partnership we will integrate a full suite of agents from the Forta Network to monitor the critical aspects of the Bancor protocol and detect security issues. Upon successful deployment, the Umee ecosystem will be provided with ultimate vigilance, system security insights, and full visibility over smart contracts with real-time monitoring. The alert integration by Forta further empowers the team with greater agility to act on detected risks and issues.

We are on a mission to reshape the future of DeFi by bridging blockchains with highest interoperability as a cross chain DeFi hub. Protocol security is always on top of our minds as we envision a reliable DeFi world where our community can interact with different blockchains securely.

Access the audit report from here.

Join us in building the future of cross chain DeFi!