Umee Engages with Halborn for Extensive Security Auditing

We are delighted to appoint Halborn, an industry-leading cybersecurity advisory firm for a comprehensive auditing of Umee ahead of our native lending protocol upgrade!

Halborn has been providing auditing service for Umee for 5 months. Halborn is trusted by various leading projects in the industry, such as Coinbase, BlockFi, BAYC, Polygon, Sushiswap and many others. 

The scope of auditing services Halborn will provide are as follows, as well as Umee’s price oracle module: 

1. Halborn will assist Umee in auditing and validating the implementations of technology and processes to ensure the maximum level of security in delivery along with an end-to-end risk assessment and recommendations on security measures. 

2. The Umee protocol will be tested thoroughly with simulations of typical activities and tactics performed by hackers to identify critical vulnerabilities in the system. 

3. Halborn’s smart contract analysis and testing will be examining the code structure and logic of Umee’s smart contract to vulnerabilities.

4. Halborn will be an extended arm to the Umee DevOps team to assist and advise on various subjects: dev operations, technology automation, code, cloud hosting, and best practices for ongoing integration and deployment.

It is Umee’s first and foremost priority to offer the most secure cross chain environment for users to embrace a new era of DeFi experience. We believe our DevSecOps capabilities are greatly strengthened through this ongoing collaboration with Halborn. Stay tuned for the auditing reports🤞

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